How to order the packs?

Select the pack: hot or cold?


You can choose either hot or cold pack. Decide whether you want your brand to evoke either hot feelings or thrill of emotion!

Each of our products is available as either hot or cold pack, regardless of the shape, colour and type of printing. Hot packs are ideal for i.e. rainy evenings or winter mornings, and the cold packs bring cooling relief on hot days. Which one do you choose?

Select the shape


You can choose from up to 17 different shapes. Decide on the one that meets your needs or simply choose the one you like the best. Most of the shapes are available in at least two different sizes. Check the list of our products and choose the ones that best fit your brand!

Select the filling colour


The next step is to choose the colour of the pack. You can choose from red, green, blue, transparent or any other colour that comes to your mind. We can produce the packs in any colour, regardless of the chosen shape.

Select the type of printing

Depending on your needs, we offer single and multiple colour, overprinted hot and cold packs. Overprint is done in two technologies: screen print (suitable for printing one and two-colours) and digital UV printing (suitable for printing multiple colours).

Select a single unit packaging

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At the end of the ordering process, please choose the single unit packaging. Decide what you would like a single hot or cold pack to be wrapped in. What packaging works best? Cold packs can be sent loose, in plastic bags or in cartons. Because of the hot pack properties, we recommend ordering these only in cartons. A small white carton box, with the instructions printed in black, is the standard. It is possible to design any shape of carton according to your own ideas.