Promotional hot and cold packs

Promotional packs are one of a kind gadgets that evoke warm feelings or thrill of emotion. Clients just love to use them.

Good advertising should not only be interesting, but also bring added value. Promotional packs are unique items that allow you to not only present the brand in an interesting way, but also bring relief due to their properties: some will warm you up while others will cool you down.

Our promotional packs are 100% safe and non-toxic. Both the film that covers the pack and saline solution as well as the organic gel are harmless and can be used for a long time.

Which one to choose?

Hot pack

Our hot packs will warm even the chilliest person! The maximum temperature of the hot pack is 54 degrees Celsius – just perfect for long autumn evenings. To activate the hot pack, simply bend an activator placed inside the pack. After a few moments, the hot pack will reach a pleasant temperature and the heat will spread within. The hot packs are reusable. Once used, a pack should be put into a pot with hot water and boiled for a few minutes until salt crystals dissolve.

Hot packs help to relax after a tough day, they warm up frozen hands during mountain hikes, or help to relax tired muscles after a strenuous workout.

The hot packs can be used in many different ways. That’s what makes them a great promotion of your brand.

Cold pack

The ABC-N Plus cold pack is a great gadget for those who need instant refreshment. Thanks to the use of organic gel, the cold pack slowly releases the chill, which makes it work effectively for a long time. To enjoy the pleasant chill, simply put the cold pack in a fridge or freezer for two hours before use. A cold pack remains flexible even if it is frozen, which helps it adapting to your body shape.

Cold packs have positive effects on their users. A cold pack relieves tired muscles, helps to constrict blood vessels and pores. Therefore, these products are widely used by physiotherapists and physiotherapy clinics.

The Cold pack is a great gadget that is not only used for advertising, but also arouses thrill of emotion.

Familiarise yourself with our products and select those that best reflect the character of your brand!

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